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About Lee

Hi, my name is Lee Bladon and I have created this website to promote esoteric science, personal development and spiritual growth, and encourage their gradual integration into the public arena. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything; I am merely presenting the information to anyone who wishes to read it. You are free to believe whatever you want, but you owe it to yourself to investigate your chosen beliefs before fully embracing them.

My Journey to The Science of Spirituality

In today’s world it all too easy to go through life without giving any thought to why we are here or how we got here. There are so many material and sensual distractions that our spiritual nature barely gets a look in. My search for the truth began in the year 2000 when I realised that life is empty and meaningless without some higher purpose. I wanted to know that higher purpose, so I began reading hundreds of books on a variety of different subjects to see if I could find some answers. Many of the books gave me pieces of the picture and others were just a waste of money, but over time the big picture gradually revealed itself in my mind and that is what I present to you here.

I was amazed at the range and depth of information that was already out there, but it was often hard to find, difficult to comprehend or in direct contradiction with other information. So I took the best bits from science and spirituality, looked for the common ground, filled in the gaps and stripped away all the man-made dogma, because I was only interested in the pure naked truth. The Buddha taught that we should “Believe not because some old manuscripts are produced, believe not because it is your national belief, believe not because you have been made to believe from your childhood, but reason truth out, and after you have analysed it, then if you find it will do good to one and all, believe it, live up to it and help others live up to it” – and that became my objective.

Initially I encountered some subconscious resistance when reading about other religions. This surprised me because I didn’t think I had any significant religious beliefs; but I was wrong. My upbringing and schooling had subconsciously indoctrinated me into developing a Christian belief system without me even knowing it. So there I was, 30 years old, having naive thoughts that I was doing something wrong by investigating other belief systems. I felt a bit guilty for doubting that there was something other than God and Jesus, even though I was not a religious person, and on the conscious level I was completely open minded and actively seeking the whole truth. You may encounter some similar resistance when reading this website and book, but it will soon pass.

My search eventually led me to a vast body of information concerning the true nature of our reality which the general public is unaware of. The information is known as “esoteric” since it has been kept secret over the ages and was only known to a selected few. Esoteric information has always been scientific and spiritual – fully encompassing them both. It has been handed down to humanity by masters such as Krishna, Buddha and Christ, and many others who have kept lower profiles. It was necessary to keep the information secret for two reasons:

  • The general public were insufficiently developed to be trusted with the power that esoteric knowledge conferred.
  • Anyone whose beliefs differed from the predominant theological system of the time was invariably subjected to persecution, torture and/or death.

Esoteric information was deliberately shrouded in symbolism to prevent the uninitiated from understanding its deeper messages; indeed many religious “teachings” are misinterpretations of esoteric knowledge. All the major religions are based upon “exoteric” information, i.e. carefully selected pieces of esoteric information that were deemed suitable to be taught to the general public. Simple parables and proverbs were used because they could be easily learnt and passed on to others. As the religions grew, bureaucracy, dogma and superstition developed, which further corrupted the original esoteric teachings.

Today’s freedom and democracy ensure that religious persecution is kept to a minimum. Humanity is gradually becoming more intelligent, civilised and compassionate, and many people are developing an interest in new science and metaphysics. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries a group of people who called themselves “theosophists” tried to bring esoterics into the mainstream, but the public weren’t quite ready for it. Some of the more well-known theosophists were Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant. Their books make interesting although sometimes difficult reading, and the 19th century language further compounds this. They were all prolific writers but some of them seemed to focus more on getting the information down than writing in a systematic and easily comprehensible manner. They also misinterpreted certain concepts and occasionally contradicted each other, which led to a decline in the popularity of theosophy.

In the late 1920’s Arthur Powell compiled a series of five books (The Etheric Double, The Astral Body, The Mental Body, The Causal Body and The Solar System) that summarised the main theosophical teachings in a systematic and easy to follow manner, and they remain today amongst the best examples of theosophical literature. But by far the very best esoteric books I have read were written by a Swedish philosopher between 1930 and 1971 under the pseudonym of Henry T Laurency. His books are very comprehensive, quite systematic and they utilise modern language. Only two of Laurency’s books are currently available in print in English, and then only direct from Henry T Laurency Publishing Foundation in Sweden. The others are only available online (www.laurency.com), but they are free.

Much of the information presented in this website and The Science of Spirituality I learned through reading the works of the late Henry T Laurency, the late Arthur Powell and the late Charles Leadbeater, to whom I am very thankful. Perhaps I should say re-learned because it was like I already new the truth, and just needed to read it in order to remember it. Many months of research, logic, intuition and inspiration have enabled me to expand both the breadth and depth of the information previously presented, whilst simultaneously condensing and clarifying it.

This website and the book explain the whole of our reality, not just the physical aspects studied by most scientists. It does not contradict any scientific facts but it does highlight some scientific fictions. It is not a religious book but it does use spiritual terminology, because no scientific terminology exists to describe non-physical phenomena. It is not a new-age book because it is based upon solid, reliable and non-contradictory information. It does not seek to attract any followers and requires no blind faith.

Please bear in mind that the information within this website and the book outlines a description of reality that is totally different to anything that is generally known (but anyone can write about what people already believe). It contains information that may challenge your beliefs – no matter how open-minded you think you are. If you find any of the concepts difficult to accept then just accept them as a working model until you find evidence to the contrary. Discovering your own truth is far more interesting and satisfying than having to comply with a belief system that someone else devised.

My Journey to Awakening to Wholeness

Awakening to Wholeness is the result of my endeavours to experientially investigate the dynamics of psycho-spiritual transformation and the most effective methods of psychological healing and spiritual development, and to present it all in a single, clear, concise, comprehensive, engaging, easy-to-read volume.

I am not a scholar or a sage; I am simply someone with a lot of knowledge and experience. I have primarily written about things that I have first-hand experience of and know are effective.  I am still walking the path, but I have learned a lot along the way – intellectually and experientially. This book is a synthesis of everything I have learned and experienced over the years. It is not just a rehash of existing material that is already out there; it is a fresh presentation that adds something new. It is the result of years of study, self-inquiry, contemplation, intuition, inspiration, processing and practice.

Some of the many sources I have learned from include: The Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas), Psychosynthesis (Roberto Assagioli & John Firman), Internal Family Systems (Dick Schwartz), Hakomi (Ron Kurtz) and Heart Becoming (Thessa Sophia). To all these people I offer my sincere thanks, but my biggest thanks go to “Life” – the greatest teacher of them all.

When I look back over my life, it all makes perfect sense; even the parts I really didn’t like. From my early childhood right up to the present day – each and every experience has contributed to my development and my understanding. And this book is the product of all that experience.

When I was researching and writing my first book, The Science of Spirituality, I was driven to understand the truth primarily from an intellectual perspective, but once I had achieved that I realised it wasn’t quite enough. Intellectual knowledge is of the mind, so it doesn’t truly satisfy the soul. In order to really know the truth it has to be felt – experienced within. So the direction of my quest turned inwards and I really started to uncover the truth about human existence and our evolutionary journey through life. Previously, my mind was the source of most of my information, and my soul would confirm it; but now my soul is the source and my mind just helps with the confirmation. This is how it should be because true knowing is experiential; not mental.

I have created this website and written the books to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested. I hope they help you discover your own truth and realise the truth of your being. Please don’t take my word for anything in this book; you really have to discover it and experience it for yourself. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything because I have no investment in what anyone else believes. My only wish is that we all discover the truth of who we are – and we will, when the time is right.

So are you ready to join me on an amazing journey of self discovery?  If so, please read on…


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